About me


Picture of Bella the puppy dog

Hello! My name is Casondra Logan, but I am sure you already knew that. I am 30 years old and I have a basketball game tomorrow. I play video games (though I feel guilty about the time spent) and I watch nerdy things like anime, sc-ifi / fantasy tv, and movies. I also rescued a special needs doggo named Bella. She’s my everything.

I am currently self employed because of awesome people like you supporting me! I freelance doing illustrations and concept art. I’m still figuring the business aspect out but here we are, hehe. I hope to branch into fan art some and start making my own merchandise. I really want to experiment and learn new things.

I suppose I could give you a bit of my art journey (oh boy, this might take a while). I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, to a family that was a bit artsy fartsy. My grandfather was a comic book and fine artist, but made his money by owning a custom sign shop. My aunt is a fine and children’s books artist. I loved spending time at her house watching her paint with oils and acrylics.

Over the years I noticed that my artistic skills were being praised by my peers and teachers and that made me want to work on it more and more. But due to extreme depression, poor sleep, family problems, and all my highschool friends ditching me, I gave up on art and school, I basically wasted away. I spent most of my early adulthood trying to escape the trauma of my teenage years and depression by playing video games and pretending everything was fine. 

I got a job working in a deli-restaurant, spent a year slowly collapsing and having anxiety attacks about work. I realize I don’t have the capacity to work a normal job due to mental health and overall health issues. I gave up again.

Flash forward 2 years, I was curious one day and opened up twitch, and found so many amazingly talented and lovely people in the Art category. I began streaming myself, and working on my art again. Such wonderful people took a risk with me and commissioned me. Because of them I managed to raise enough funds to support art. I made friends and learned a lot.

I stopped streaming because I realized it was making me feel kinda insignificant when I was comparing myself to others. But I still partake in viewing and chatting with people there from time to time!

And here I am still working on it, figuring things out. I’m surprised you read this whole thing! Holy cow! Thank you so much!