about me!

My name is Casondra (Cassie) Logan. I live in Yazoo City, Mississippi, and I am a UX Designer, UI Artist, Illustrator, dog mom, singer, and gamer.

For most of my adult life, I have been a Freelance Illustrator and a Web Designer. In late 2020 I stumbled upon the subject of UX, and it changed my outlook on design entirely.

I spent some time considering if UX was suitable for me. After careful consideration, I decided to dive right in and joined a Bootcamp for a more structured learning experience. I was hoping it would eventually lead to a career path that was fulfilling and energizing.

The most exciting part of UX is applying it to video games, which is my passion. Accessibility, usability, interactions, hierarchy, and information architecture are all areas of UX I find fascinating. Now when I play games, I am quietly applying my knowledge to how the systems operate and judging whether areas could be improved for players or not.

UX is a relatively new field in the game industry; most companies are just now learning how to utilize it to make their games better. It is a complex process, but I am excited to take part in the years to come!

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Picture of Bella the puppy dog