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Thank you so much for visiting my commission page! I am truly honored to be considered as a potential artist for your commission! Some of you may find my prices are a bit steep, and I totally understand. After a few hours of research, I have found these prices to be fair and competitive with peers of my skill level. All payments go towards keeping the lights on, and the internet going. So by choosing to work with me and paying these prices you are helping me make a living painting. I take pride in making sure my prices meet the expectations of all of my clients. I will do everything in my power to make sure you are happy with your painting. 🙂

Conditions & Rules:

  • Agreement on subject matter and context of painting must be discussed and confirmed between both you and I before any transaction of payment goes through. If in the event the terms agreed on are vague and I misunderstood, I will give you ample opportunity to course correct me during the thumbnailing process.

  • ALWAYS email me about commissions. I do not talk about commissions outside of emails. Emails are to be kept as an informal verbal contract between you and I that can be used as proof in the event either of us need to take action via paypal. This is to protect both you and me. I have never had to use it as proof, but it’s always good to be safe when it comes to hundreds of dollars in services / goods.

  • I prefer not to paint pornography, but in the event you want pornographic subject matter, simply multiply the price range below by 3 as a good guestimate. I have the right to decline to paint any specific material, such as children / beastiality / anything I deem makes me uncomfortable.

  • Payments must be paid in full via Paypal invoice before I begin working on your painting and thumb nailing. Paypal will protect you if you feel I have under performed or misrepresented myself. Keep track of your emails!

  • I will send work-in-progress sketches and paintings at specific points of the painting to ensure you are happy with the progress. My work flow is messy so you might have to use your imagination at times.

  • I offer 2 free adjustments, as long as they are before 50% completion in the process. Additional adjustments may incur a fee if they require more than 30 minutes of work to do. I do not do additional work for free. 

  • I reserve rights to all of my paintings. You may purchase these rights for an additional fee (if you wish to sell prints or use it for commercial reasons), therefore preventing me from printing them on merch myself. However, I usually do not print Original Characters, this is here for just in case I do.

  • If you’d like your commission to be kept private and not painted on stream or posted on my social media, let me know!!

  • By emailing me requesting work, you are agreeing to all of the rules above and the base prices below. Conditions & Rules are subject to change when necessary.

  • Please fill out the form below so I can have a good idea of what it is you’d like painted! I will of course have a bunch of questions, and will follow up with you as soon as possible!

  • I complete paintings in order of first come first served. Once I complete the painting before yours I will email you letting you know, and the begin working on 3 thumbnails to send to you. Once they are complete, you may choose whichever thumbnail you like most! 

Price Guideline:

I reserve the right to change my prices at any point. All dollar amounts are in USD. Some paintings may take longer than estimated (because I suck at estimating things.) All paintings are unique, so some may be quoted lower or higher than the prices listed below. The guideline is posted to keep my pricing transparent with clients, I try to adhere to the prices listed below whenever possible.

Character + Simple Backdrop

Portrait:   300$ – 350$ – 9-14 days
Half Body:   400$ – 500$ – 12-16 days
Full Body:   650$ – 750$ – 16-20 days


Character + Complex Background (Scenery)

Half Body Illustration:   500$ – 600$ – 18-24 days
Full Body Illustration:   850$ – 1000$ – 24-30 days9-

Multi-Character Paintings:

+25% single character price, per additional character.

Priority Rush:

25% additional fee.

NSFW subject material:

Expect 300% to 400% the prices listed above.

Commission form, hook me up with the deets!